The Energy Sector Under Siege: Securing Remote Connections for the Energy Industry

The Threat Landscape

  • 39% of all critical infrastructure attacks are targeted at the energy sector.  (Security Magazine)
  • The average data breach in the energy sector costs a staggering $4.72 million. (

These statistics paint a grim picture for energy companies. With vast, geographically dispersed infrastructure, securing remote connections to devices is critical to ensure reliable energy production and to prevent costly attacks.

Challenges for Clean Energy Security

  • Persistent Attack Surfaces: Exposed ports on devices are vulnerable attack surfaces, leaving network infrastructure susceptible to cyberattacks.
  • Complex Network Management: Setting up and maintaining a network with hundreds of firewall rules and VPNs is time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • High Administrative Costs: Managing these complex security layers requires ongoing maintenance and specialist expertise, driving up administrative costs.
  • Truck Rolls and Downtime: Troubleshooting and administering devices often necessitates expensive and time-consuming onsite support, leading to operational downtime.

Don’t just manage attack surfaces—eliminate them

NoPorts is the cutting-edge remote access tool that makes your devices reachable while eliminating network attack surfaces.

NoPorts: Security at Scale

  • End-to-End Encryption: With keys cut at the edge, your data is protected from origination to final destination.
  • No Network Attack Surface: Devices communicate using outbound-only connections, eliminating exposed ports.
  • Remote Device Administration: Forget static IPs. NoPorts lets you access and manage your devices from anywhere, without having to know their IP addresses.

Move Beyond Traditional Security with NoPorts

  • Secure your clean energy infrastructure against today's evolving threats.
  • Simplify network management and reduce administrative costs.
  • Eliminate the need for truck rolls and minimize downtime.

Learn how NoPorts can power up your clean energy security.