SSH to Any Device with No Ports Open
Make your devices reachable while eliminating network attack surfaces & reducing administrative overhead.
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Cybersecurity Excellence Award

SSH No Ports™ has been honored with a Cybersecurity Excellence Award, recognizing its vital role in cutting-edge networking technologies!

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Streamlining Jumpbox Setup for Remote Access

Simplify and secure your jumpbox configuration with No Ports.

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Why SSH No Ports

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Make Your Devices Reachable

Access your devices regardless of where they are - behind routers, NAT, firewalls, VPNs, private/1918 addresses, or even on the move.

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Reduce Administrative Overhead

Access your devices without reconfiguring your gateways, setting up port forwarding on your router, or using a VPN.

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Eliminate Network Attack Surfaces

Access your devices without any open listening ports (including port 22) and strengthen your network security.

Hear what No Ports customers have to say...

"SSH No Ports is so cool. If you are a CISO or run infrastructure you should take a look at this."

- Andy Brown
CEO, Sand Hill East
"After testing SSH No Ports, I'm a convert. It's brilliant!"

- Jeremy Norris
Product Manager,
Cellusys & ZARIOT
SSH No Ports in Action

SSH No Port’s latest pen test results are now available. Please email to request your copy.

$99 per year billed annually
(only $8.25 per month)
One Person | Up to 25 Devices
Try SSH No Ports FREE for 14 days! Use code: 14dayfreetrial
Team and Enterprise editions coming soon! Interested in pricing and other details? Contact us!

SSH No Ports Requirements

Client  (sshnp)
Device  (sshnpd)
~40 MB RAM
/temp storage
< 50 MB is typical
Internet Access
Outbound only, sshd bound to localhost
Supported Platforms
- x64 (Intel)
- ARM64 (Apple Silicon)

- x64
- ARM64
- ARMv7
- x64
Device support coming soon
Supported RDP Clients
SSH No Ports works with all popular RDP clients, including:
- Microsoft Remote Desktop
- TeamViewer
- AnyDesk
- RemotePC
- GoToMyPC
Address Ratios
1 person : 1 client address 
1 device address : up to 25 devices
= 1 person : up to 25 devices