Why NoPorts?

NoPorts provides you with full remote access while eliminating the need for open ports, firewalls, and complex configurations, making remote connections secure and effortless.

Experience unparalleled security, unmatched simplicity, and universal compatibility.

Unprecedented Security

NoPorts offers a new paradigm for secure remote access, featuring:

No Network Attack Surfaces

Eliminate exposed ports, the primary target for cyberattacks.

Cryptographic Authentication

Every connection is verified, ensuring only authorized devices access your network.

End-to-End Encryption

Data is protected in transit and at rest, with encryption keys stored securely at the device level.

Sounds impossible?

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Unparalleled Simplicity

Say goodbye to complex network configurations! NoPorts streamlines remote access with features like:


Access your devices regardless of where they are - behind routers, NAT, firewalls, VPNs, private/1918 addresses, or even on the move.

Seamless Network Transitions

Switch between networks (Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.) without disruption, eliminating dependence on static IP addresses.

Zero Firewall Hassle

No modifications to firewall rules required. NoPorts integrates effortlessly within your existing infrastructure.

Built-in Failover

Experience uninterrupted access even in case of network outages. NoPorts automatically reconnects to ensure continuous operation.

Universal Compatibility

NoPorts transcends traditional limitations, working seamlessly with devices, networks, operating systems, and cloud services of all types:

Operating Systems

Secure connections across all major platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more).

Network Infrastructure

Works flawlessly with routers, hubs, switches, and gateways.


Functions seamlessly over any type of TCP/IP connection, including cellular networks, backhaul networks, and satellite connections.

Beyond Computers

Secures connections for sensors, IoT, IoMT IIoT, and industrial control systems (OT).

Cloud Services

Access remote devices deployed in cloud environments like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Oracle.
For a list of the types of devices we’ve tested/used, check out our connections page.
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But don’t just take our word for it...
"SSH No Ports is so cool. If you are a CISO or run infrastructure you should take a look at this."
Andy Brown
CEO, Sand Hill East
"After testing SSH No Ports, I'm a convert. It's brilliant!"
Jeremy Norris
Product Manager, Cellusys & ZARIOT
"SSH No Ports makes life a lot easier for developers and system administrators by eliminating the need to worry about port forwarding and firewall rules."
- RAKWireless